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Linux Software

Much of what I've written up to now has been platform-independent and compiled under Linux, Windows and DOS too. Here are my Linux programming projects for you to download and play with.

AVM: A Virtual Machine

Download: avm-1.0.1.tar.gz
Size 39kb, downloads 1216.

While working at the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside I developed a little home project, AVM, partly for my own amusement and partly to help my colleague Angus Marshall, who was teaching operating systems. It simulates a very simple computer for teaching purposes. Some extracts from the manual below explain in more detail what it does. About AVM AVM is an educational tool to simplify the concepts of machine code programming and assembly language. To do so, ... (read more...)

Astrowar: Conquer the Universe by E-mail

Download: astrowar.tar.gz
Size 244kb, downloads 779.

I wrote Astrowar in the mid-nineties, originally for my  Fidonet  bulletin board. It's a  Play By Mail  game, meaning you, well, play it by mail (email in this case). It was a fun little game to play, but I never got around to writing the expansions I intended. I'd like to play with it again some day. In the mean time you can get it from here, starting with an extract from the manual to tell you more about ... (read more...)


Download: tinybasic-1.0.0.tar.gz
Size 40kb, downloads 588.

The Tiny BASIC Interpreter and Compiler project is cross-platform, and has been developed on Linux, Windows, DOS and Android. It has its own web site at tinybasic.cyningstan.org.uk , where you can download source, binaries, game projects, and read documentation. This download is for the C source code. (read more...)