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New DOS Games

Over the past few years I've been working on various new game projects for DOS, mainly targetting 1980s era PCs with CGA graphics and 8088 processors. This is the page I'll be using to organise projects as they are finished.

CGALIB: a Graphics Library for CGA Games


Download: cgalib-w.zip
Size 81kb, downloads 86.

CGALIB is a relatively fast, specialised C graphics library. It targets the CGA graphics adapter, specifically the 4-colour 320x200 CGA graphics modes, although it will also emulate these modes on the 640x200 screen using dithering, for clarity on monochrome devices. For speed it organises the screen into 4x2 pixel cells, making it more suitable for turn-based games than for action games that require pixel-perfect positioning. It differs from the graphics libraries provided with various C compilers in the ... (read more...)

Ossuary for DOS


Download: ossuary.zip
Size 54kb, downloads 121.

Oh no, not again. Another necromancer has set up home in the village Ossuary, the impressive underground cemetery in which the villagers have interred their dead for centuries. Not only has he animated the bodies of the dead to serve as his friends, but he has also enchanted and enlarged the once natural creatures who had made their home under the vaults, and has them wandering around as guard animals and pets. All this does nothing for the dignity ... (read more...)