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Ground Attack 3000

Over the next thousand years, nations and empires rise and fall, both malignant and benign, and many changes come over the face of the earth. Technology waxes and wanes, and the climate itself unleashes great upheavals. But one thing remains constant, and that is humans' thirst for warfare.

In Ground Attack 3000 you take on the role of a general directing ground forces in a battle to destroy your enemy's command base, and to protect your own. You are given full authority over not only your forces' movements, but their very nature. A range of different battle units are at your disposal, each type with its own strengths and weaknesses, and your initial army is supplemented throughout the game by reinforcements that you request.

Choose and use your forces wisely, and victory is yours to take. Fail in your mission, and you will suffer the ultimate disgrace for a military leader: defeat.

Ground Attack 3

Download: Ground3.zip
Size 20kb, downloads 282.

This is Ground Attack 3000 for the Psion Series 3. The directory structure is preserved within the ZIP so just unzip this onto your preferred drive. (read more...)

Ground Attack 3000 Manual

Download: Ground.pdf
Size 694kb, downloads 250.

Here is the manual for Ground Attack 3000. Print it on both sides of an A4 (roughly US Letter) sized paper and fold in half to create a 4-page leaflet. (read more...)