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Psion Games

Since 1999 I've developed a number of games for Psion handheld computers, from the 8-bit Organiser II to the 32-bit Series 7 and netBook. This page will provide a temporary home for these games until I develop a site of their own.


Civilisation in the ancient world was always under threat from outsiders who. though primitive, coveted the riches that their more advanced neighbours amassed. Disorganised tribesmen were usually no match for the heavily-defended cities and their shrewd generals, but, on rare occasions, a gifted individual would unite the warriors and rouse them to a common purpose. Then, the kings, the patriarchs, the farmers and the merchants would have cause to tremble before the approach of the Barbarians ! Barbarians ... (read more...)

Ground Attack 3000

Over the next thousand years, nations and empires rise and fall, both malignant and benign, and many changes come over the face of the earth. Technology waxes and wanes, and the climate itself unleashes great upheavals. But one thing remains constant, and that is humans' thirst for warfare. In Ground Attack 3000 you take on the role of a general directing ground forces in a battle to destroy your enemy's command base, and to protect your own. You ... (read more...)