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Thanks for dropping in to my personal web pages, or General Repository of Stuff. I keep a number of separate web sites for my major hobbies, but for some hobbies I only produce odds and ends that don't justify having a web site of their own. It's for these things that I've designed this site. There will never be a lot on here, and sometimes I'll be taking pages off the menu to make room for others.

Who am I? I'm a web developer, proprietor of the web business Eternam (http://www.eternam.co.uk/). I'd been doing web development, design and server administration for fifteen years before Eternam was set up in 2013. A good number of my personal hobbies are computer related.

I also run another business, Cyningstan (http://www.cyningstan.com/), which sells hand-made board games. An off-shoot is a site specific to the Viking game hnefatafl (http://tafl.cyningstan.org.uk/) which has its own shop selling specifically hnefatafl games and related merchandise.

Current hobbies of mine with their own sites are Psion pocket computers (http://psigamer.cyningstan.org.uk/) and writing games for the ZX Spectrum (http://spectrum.cyningstan.org.uk/). It's unlikely that I'll be adding material about those subjects to this site. Other hobbies that don't have their own sites are history (of the local area, of computing and of ancient civilisations), photography, music, horology, old books and modern board games, which is the sort of thing you'll see me post about on here.

If you want to get in touch with me then look me up on Facebook, on twitter (user name cyningstan), or on LinkedIn. Or send an email to damian (at) cyningstan.org.uk.