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Astrowar: Conquer the Universe by E-mail

Download: astrowar.tar.gz
Size 244kb, downloads 779.

I wrote Astrowar in the mid-nineties, originally for my Fidonet bulletin board. It's a Play By Mail game, meaning you, well, play it by mail (email in this case). It was a fun little game to play, but I never got around to writing the expansions I intended. I'd like to play with it again some day. In the mean time you can get it from here, starting with an extract from the manual to tell you more about the game.

About Astrowar

Astrowar is a play-by-email game of space conquest. What's so special about this particular game? From the player's view, it's simple and fun. From the game moderator or sysop's view, it's fully automatic, adaptable, expandable, portable and free! Bear with me while I justify some of these claims...

Where to get Astrowar

Astrowar is available in source code format only. Click on the link above to download it. The archive contains Astrolib, Astrowar and Astroserv, these being all that's necessary to get a game up and running on a Linux machine.