Damian Walker

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DOS Development

I've been developing programs for DOS since about 1990 when I got my first PC. Over that time I've developed a wide range of personal projects for it: simplistic games, personal productivity, utilities for Fidonet bulletin boards, and some development tools and toys. Old and current projects are spread out somewhat haphazardly on the following pages.

DOS Blog

I've recently taken up DOS game development as part of my retro-computing hobby.  For a while I've had available for download some  Old MS-DOS Games  that I wrote back in the day.  But since I've been actively looking at development again I've decided to devote a page to DOS development here on my web site. (read more...)

Old DOS Games

In the early 1990s I wrote some games for MS-DOS. They were all in QuickBASIC and used the IBM text mode screen, as was still almost acceptable in those days. My PC didn't have graphics at first anyway. Not long ago I found some of my old DOS games on a floppy disk and rescued them. Now you can download them, look and laugh. A couple of them are still playable, if you like turn-based strategy games and don't ... (read more...)

New DOS Games

Over the past few years I've been working on various new game projects for DOS, mainly targetting 1980s era PCs with CGA graphics and 8088 processors. I used to post them here, but now they have a site all to themselves! See them at Cyningstan DOS Games (read more...)