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A Greek Temple

Temple with white marble finish.

Thursday, 18th October 2012

After playing with imaginary Saxon churches for practice, I started to work on another project: an ancient Greek temple. I based my model on the temple at Paestum in Italy, as I found measurements for it on-line. This wasn't intended to be a faithful reconstruction of Paestum, but a temple based upon it.

The images show the temple during various stages of work: the roofless version with no texture set; the "completed" version with a whitewashed texture, and two views of it with a full gaudy colour scheme.

The view of the darker side shows that I haven't got the gilded decoration right. From the light side the reflection looks fine, but from the dark side it is far too bright. Making the surface less reflective simply turned the decoration a dull green colour as seen from its brighter side, so I gave up on perfecting it for the time being.