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Ossuary: a New Game for DOS!

Ossuary Screenshot (DOS)

Sunday, 9th August 2020

Today sees the release of a new retro-game for DOS. Ossuary is a dungeon crawler originally released on the ZX Spectrum platform in Spring 2013. Over Summer 2020 it has been ported to DOS, targetting the nearly 4 decades-old IBM PC hardware. So now PC users nostalgic about the old days of DOS gaming can enjoy the game too.

As its name suggests, Ossuary is set in a giant tomb. The tomb has been taken over by a necromancer, who is raising the dead to keep him company, and enchanting strange animals to serve as his pets. It's your job as an adventuring hero to clear away all this chaos, and restore order so that people can continue to inter their relatives here in peace and quiet.

System requirements are very low for this game. It will run on an original IBM PC, with an 8088 processor running at 4.77MHz. It uses 4-colour CGA graphics which were common on those machines. It is compatible with every PC built since then, including modern computers of many flavours running DOSBox.

To get this game, head over to its download page and click on the download link. The page links to instructions on how to get a DOS game running, and the ZIP archive you download has a manual about how to play the game itself. If you enjoy the game, then please let your friends know about it too!