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All the units from the tanks game

Monday, 28th May 2012

In 2011 I started writing a new game for the Psion Series 3 handheld computer. This was a simple strategy game set in the future, played out with a limited set of units on a small map. It was to be very abstract, almost like a board game except for a key element of game-play, hidden movement. The project stalled and has never restarted.

By 2012 the software was almost working, lacking only a reasonable AI, and I had created some concept graphics for the manual and a web site. The computer itself has simple monochrome graphics, but for the manual and web site I wanted to create 3D models of the units and the terrain featured in the game.

This page shows some of those 3D concept graphics. They were created using the venerable tool PovRay. My abilities with textures were severely limited at the time, but the results look better than anything in the game itself!